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iLink Solutions | Case Studies | A leading M2M Wireless Solutions provider

Touch Screen Manufacturing Company

The client manufactures touch screen devices & solutions. The client needed cloud-based device management solutions for enterprises.

The Challenge

  • It has to be a secure all-in-one solution for remote content deployment. With a simple drag-and-drop, files should be transferred to the respective devices
  • Achieving cloud-based full control of the device
  • There should be settings to update the software versions, device configuration, hardware accessibility, content management over the air

The Solution

We developed a secure cloud-based portal with an all-in-one solution for remote content deployment and device management.

  • Development of the native Android application to be run on the devices.
  • Cloud-based portal communicates with the native Android application.
  • Records and broadcasts device’s analytics data in real time to record interactivity with viewers.
  • Device management like device properties, software updates, peripheral configuration, device reboot/reset can be controlled from the cloud portal
  • Firewall configuration to limit the access to specific IPs.
  • User role management, Account management provided to maintain hierarchy across multiple users within the organization.
  • Content library and content management to add and deploy single/multiple contents on remote devices

The Outcome

  • Full control of device settings and configuration from remote locations.
  • Device settings, remote software updates, restore the device to factory defaults, remotely manage & switch the device network configuration across different types of network(LAN, WiFi, cellular).
  • Cloud-based full control of the devices.
  • Root user can create/update other users with restricted permissions/devices in their accounts.
  • With a simple drag-and-drop, different types of files are securely transferred & played to multiple devices.
  • User can schedule content deployment on devices for future
  • The client can now view all devices and manage updates from the web.
  • Monitor any device’s CPU usage in real time. Track user activity to ensure that the content reaches the audience.
  • Different roles assigned to users to view/add/edit properties of contents & devices in the same organization.