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Health And Life Sciences

iLink’s HLS practice helps Health and Life Sciences organizations improve quality while keeping the costs down. We add business value by reducing operational expense, improve customer experience and increase performance.

Communication Sector

iLink communications sector practice is dedicated to providing industry-leading solutions to telecommunication wireless, wireline, cable, media, entertainment, digital marketing, broadcasting, hosting, and satellite and gaming companies.

And Financial

iLink’s offers custom solutions to Banking and Financial Services organizations to help them modernize their legacy applications, get great insight into risks and performance, reduce operational costs and improve customer loyalty.


iLink with its deep expertise in the Insurance industry can show you how to deliver solutions that are transforming the Insurance industry in the modern age.


iLink offers a wide variety of technology solutions to manufacturers to help them optimize overall operations, increase manufacturing efficiency, quality and profit margins, improve employee productivity, reduce costs & unnecessary downtime.


iLink understands the way retail industry functions and provides a wide variety of solutions to retailers meet changing demands, maximize customer service & experience, improve & optimize overall operations, reduce costs and increase revenue.


iLink Systems Inc., is a global software solutions provider offering outsourced product development, technology consulting and application development services to businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 50.


Hospitality organization have large volumes of data on their customers’ behavior, but they don’t necessarily have the right tools to interpret that data or know what to do with it.


iLink works with startups of all phases to build MVPs, consumer solutions, and scalable enterprise products.  We provide end-to-end product design, development, and management.


In this modern era, educational institutions around the world, be it universities, colleges, schools, online education providers, training centers or other educational entities, are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve the quality of interactions with students apart from increasing educational outcomes.