Health and Life Sciences

Today’s Health and Life Sciences (HLS) organizations operate in a constantly changing environment shaped by increased regulation and competition. In an effort to meet these challenges, they are increasingly embracing the latest technological advances. iLink’s HLS practice helps Health and Life Sciences organizations improve quality while keeping the costs down. We add business value by reducing operational expense, improve customer experience and increase performance.

Key Requirements / Challenges

Ensuring high quality of services and Innovation in service rendering are becoming increasingly challenging in the Healthcare industry, especially in the scenario when Artificial Intelligence related technologies continue to grow in maturity and adoption across the industry. Healthcare would continue to have Humans at the middle, augmented with AI related technologies for Productivity, Efficiency and better Healthcare experience. Care providers need to top of information to gain an advantage over the others. Common business challenges include:

  • Legacy application software and infrastructure
  • Multiplicity of systems and interfaces
  • Data integrity issues as a result of duplication
  • Lack of end-to-end business process support
  • Adoption of modern-day Natural Language and AI related technologies
  • Increasing quality of service demand from digital native customers
  • Expectations for a true omni-channel experience to drive business results
  • Product and platform innovation to target millennials

Our Solutions

Omni Channel

Create newer channels to reach customers by integrating – Alexa, Google Assistant and Messaging platforms. Improve the quality of service and patient experience with a true omni-channel experience in messaging platforms and with Smart assistants enabling collaborative patient care with continuity across sessions.

Smart Transcription

Reimagine and radically transform the EMR application by integrating a Smart Transcription application to your clinical documentation service, where your Doctors get to Talk instead of Type. Make your physicians happier and help them spend their valuable time on what they do best – treating patients and providing excellent medical care at scale.

Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Transition from traditional IVR based customer service to an AI powered Intelligent Virtual Agent that can provide the first level of support. Achieve up to 30% reduction in operational expenses and improved customer experience with a smart assistant handling customer queries, 24×7.  With smart hand-offs, there is always a human to assist your customers where the Virtual agent can seamlessly hand-off to a human agent with all the required context to keep the conversation engaging.

Conversational AI

The Conversational aspect refers to the application of Language (both Voice and Text) based Interfaces to interact with computing devices and applications to get things done and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) aspect refers to the usage of Big Data and Machine Learning techniques to provide a more personalized customer experience at scale and the Virtual Assistants to automate communication and provide new channels.

The real power of Conversational AI lies in the ability to simultaneously carry out, highly context aware, personalized conversations with very large numbers of customers and users and creating better engagement levels.

With the trend of AI First approach, what we are witnessing is the ability of devices and computers to understand the language humans speak with very high levels of accuracy and engage in a highly context aware conversation with users.

Why Conversational now?

  • Messaging is the No. 1 digital activity on the planet today which means Language has to be the backbone of user experience
  • Underlying technology around Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have reached their inflection point in terms of maturity and affordability

Conversational and Healthcare – the perfect synergy.

Healthcare would continue to have Humans at the middle, augmented with AI related technologies for Productivity, Efficiency and better Healthcare experience

  • Humans love to talk and nudge others and Conversations between the care giver and the patient is at the core of any world class health care service
  • Whether you want to provide the best in class transcription applications to the Doctors, or a true omnichannel experience across devices to your customers, AI powered Conversational solutions are here to help
  • This also means you empower the Doctors to spend their time more on what they are good at – provide excellent medical care at scale

And, how does it help?

Conversations is in the middle of everything the clinic professionals do and Conversational AI related technologies are more naturally tuned to the Healthcare industry.

Some of the possibilities:

  • Smart Transcription for the Doctors to document their Exam Findings and Client Interviews, where they JUST SPEAK resulting in significant time savings and productivity its gains
  • Collaboration among teams aided by BOTS – Clinics, Operations, Labs, Billing and Procurement
  • Shift from inefficient, fragmented care coordination to centralized coordination powered by BOTS
  • Improved patient experience and loyalty with omni-channel experience on Messaging Platforms, Smart Speakers and assisted by BOTS

What is the Business Outcome?

Productivity Gains. With real-time Smart Voice Transcription that helps save time and focus on what the Doctors do best – treat more patients.
Omni-channel Interface. Appointment scheduling and other services via Alexa, Smart Speakers and other Social Messaging platforms.
Improved Operational Efficiencies. Administrative workflow assistance with BOTS in collaboration platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams.
Improved Patient Experience. Extensions of hospitals and physicians 24×7 using Virtual Assistants having personalized conversations with patients with historical context and recommendations.


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