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MEAN and Angular Solutions|MEAN Stack Services| MEAN Stack Development

Mean and Angular

“We wanted our IoT stack and solutions to bring the best in breed of data presentation, features, usability, speed, and security that the industry has to offer. iLink has provided a truly comprehensive platform and solution portfolio for Numerex to leverage advanced IoT data and complex features based on cutting edge technologies like AngularJS, NodeJS, NO SQL Databases, Express and other frameworks (MEAN stack). Their skill with data management, analytics, real-time processing, application modernization and UX, and agile based approach allowed us to bring new innovative IoT features to market in a truly time and cost effective way!”.

– VP Product Management and Marketing, Numerex.


Are you planning to, or already revamping your web applications to latest and greatest technologies such as Angular and MEAN stack?

Are you planning to modernize your web applications for better performance, big data and mobile support?

Have you heard about technologies such as AngularJS, MEAN and Cloud, and want to explore how to leverage it within your own organization?

Do you know that a cool UI makes your customer happy and provides faster ROI?

Are you in need of resources that have already been trained in MEAN Stack and/or AngularJS, and have real life project experience?


iLink Systems MEAN & Angular Accelerator is the result of many years of experience working with these technologies. It is designed to expertly fuse technology and innovation with mind-blowing strategies, and aims to deliver exquisite business solutions faster than ever before.

iLink also has a complimentary offering focused on the UX redesign of your web application. More details available at this url: http://ilinkold.columbiacosheriff.com/Services/User-Experience.

Our team’s enthusiasm and energy, supported by our proven Agile based methodology, not only ensures successful project delivery (on time, in budget) but also ensures a high quality experience for our customers.

Ready-to-use code and libraries

iLink’s MEAN & Angular Accelerator has been designed from ground up eliminate the need to re-invent the wheel for every project. iLink has invested into creating the baseline code that becomes the foundation for a high quality solution. This approach helps us in ensuring that best practices are consistently followed in all layers of the solution, including:

  • MVC implementation in the UI layer
  • RESTful service in the middle tier
  • Express or Entity Framework based business model
  • NoSQL or Relation Databases such Mongo DB, Document DB, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.
  • Using 3rd party libraries and controls such as Kendo, Telerik, etc
  • This same approach is applied to other aspects of development such as Logging, Testing, Caching, etc.

Reusable templates

iLink has evolved a set of processes and templates based on deep experience in implementing modern web applications using MVC pattern, MEAN Stack and Angular. Goal of these templates is to ensure consistency across projects, and to accelerate the project execution.


iLink has perfected the art of Responsive Web Design. Out organically grown approach to site design and implementation provides an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices, from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones.

iLink’s team of designer and developers are experts will utilize techniques such as grid-based layout, image resizing and media queries. Our team will also help you pick and choose the right UX framework for your needs. The goal will be to utilize industry standard frameworks such as Bootstrap, Materialize Design, Angular Material, etc to provide a modern looking responsive UI for your web application. Our design will also enable you to easily and efficiently scale your websites and applications with a single code base, from phones to tablets to desktops.


Mobile “hybrid” application support, including offline access

iLink has delivered mobile solution to some of the world’s most respected B2C and B2B companies. That depth and breadth of experience reflects in our approach to implementing Hybrid Mobile Applications using MEAN Stack and AngularJS.

iLink’s MEAN & Angular Accelerator includes a streamlined approach to using various tools and techniques such as Cordova/PhoneGap, Mobile Angular UI, Ionic, Kendo UI, Sencha Touch, etc. Our deep experience with HTML5 and in-browser databases such as IndexedDB and HTML 5 local storage will ensure that your application can support high performance offline scenarios, even when your users don’t have access to internet.

QA Automation

iLink’s real-life hardened QA practice has evolved the art of testing Angular and MEAN applications into a science. We will understand your needs to formulate the right QA strategy, including recommendation and implementation of the right tools (such as Mocha, Jasmine, Karma, Protractor and others).

iLink’s Code Quality QA Offering is a streamlined and comprehensive approach to managing your overall code quality, which leads to ensuring a successful and high quality release. Following diagram shows various aspects of code quality that our approach is designed to continuously analyze and measure technical quality.


Performance & load testing setup

Combining automation of application QA with “Load Testing” will help you provide end to end testing coverage to your users. iLink’s QA practice has deep experience in utilizing tools such as JMeter in designing and implementation of Load Testing Scenarios for your Applications. We can also use the popular cloud platforms such as AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Windows Azure to simulate the load and test cases based on your requirements.



Largest National Nonprofit Organization

iLink goes above and beyond, working around the clock, to make sure our site is up and running properly. They concern themselves with our overall functionality and have even alerted us when other systems/vendors have failed. They set the standard.

Leading Telecommunications company

iLink has done a fantastic thorough work and met very tight timelines. I will use their services again and I am one happy client.

Top Online Directory Service

iLink understands agile software development. They put together an excellent team for our project and quickly delivered a fully functional product. I am happy to recommend iLink for their product development expertise.