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Mobility Services | Mobility Solutions | Enterprise Mobility Services


Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) is the mantra that moves the IT World. The rapid proliferation of mobile internet use is increasingly transforming relationships and transactions in all sector of the global economy. Mobility is not anymore an optional feature that businesses could afford to consider implementing – but rather a must have. Mobility solutions let people to remain to be productive on the move and that drives the business outcomes in a progressive way. Mobile Applications give an edge to organizations by providing the ability to access information on the go.  Enterprise Mobile Application Development has been moving towards becoming technology and platform agnostic with common Frameworks and UX Platforms etc.  


iLink, a specialized Mobile Application Development partner and winner of 2011 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award, offers solutions across multiple platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Blackberry, Symbian OS and Bada.  iLink’s has rich experience in B2C, B2B and Enterprise Mobile applications on Healthcare, Field Force Mobility, Utilities, Finance, Business, Social Networking, Entertainment, eCommerce, Search and Lifestyle etc. iLink has expertise and experience in HTML 5 based Cross platform Mobile Applications (Cross platform Mobile Application Development) and frameworks such as Sencha and PhoneGap.

iLink delivers end-to-end mobility services including Mobility Strategy Consulting , Mobile Application Development and Mobile Application Marketing. These wide range of mobility services from iLink, facilitates decision makers to go with a faster, cost-effective, enriched and informed decisions using latest data.  The explosion of mobility creates both opportunities and risks for businesses. Adopting mobility does not necessarily mean having a presence on the native app stores – identifying all those products, services and information that will be a value add when available in the mobile form factor and making them available using the best strategy (below) will be our definition of going mobile.

Mobility Strategy Consulting

Do you really need a mobile application? When should you develop an application for Windows Phone 8 , iPhone, Android, or Blackberry – or all of them? What returns on your investment can you expect from a mobile solution? iLink’s consultants can help answer all of your questions and define a viable mobile strategy for your organization.

Drafting a Mobility Strategy involves few flavors of insights, say user experience and user design, which has to be complete and comprehensive. Challenges like deficit clarity on ROI, technical and governance standard, incompatible end user experience and engagement are exist in a centralized mobility strategy. At iLink we address the above challenges by

  • Helping organizations to create an effective strategy for mobile adoption that generates ROI for Mobile Device Management. Further we advise clients about what kind of mobile solution would best serve their business goals.
  • Secures, monitors, manages and supports mobile devices deployed across mobile operators, service providers and enterprises.
  • We also assess cost savings like reducing customer service hours, and create realistic projections of the total cost of ownership for their solution.

User experience is the core factor that differentiates a mobility strategy implementation, thus rather than having a narrow focus on platforms, enterprises must step into a holistic view on IT, tools & platforms, process transformation, user experience.

Mobile Application Development

Whether you need mobile applications for any or all platforms including Windows Phone 8, iPhone, Android and Blackberry OR you need help in porting an iPhone app to another platform such as Android OR you need a generic framework using which you can yourself develop mobile application in very less time including integration with back-end systems, – iLink engineers can do everything for you.

Designing and implementing top notch UX that yields the right affordances on the varied device form factors, following the prescribed design paradigms on the different mobile platforms is what separates iLink from the crowd. Given the popularity of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and openness of organizations to embrace a variety of Mobile devices, iLink has expertise and experience in developing applications that run in a gamut of devices such as Smart Phones (iPhone, Android Phones and Windows phone), Phablets and Tablet Computers (iPad, Android tablets, Blackberry Tablet, Windows Surface, Windows Slate etc.)

We have proven experience with the development of native applications for all the popular platforms:

  • Windows RT, C#, XAML – for Windows 8/8.1 phones, tablets and desktops.
  • Android SDK, Java – for Android phones and tablets.
  • iOS, Objective-C, Xcode – for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

We have excellent experience in incorporating the unique features from the mobile devices seamlessly to solve the business problems and to better enable the existing solutions. Features like:

Multi-platform Development: Develop applications that can run on all the top platforms with minimal incremental cost and common business layer(s).

Porting: For clients who already have a mobile application on one platform and want to have a similar application on other platforms, we offer porting services e.g. an iOS app or Windows app to Android or vice-versa.

Mobile Application Frameworks: For clients who want to manage mobile application development themselves, iLink’s mobile application development framework significantly reduces the resources required.

Mobile Application Marketing:

It’s easy for new applications to get lost in the crowd. How will you make sure your target audience knows about your mobile solution? iLink’s experienced mobile marketing and social media experts can help.

  • Increase mobile application visibility to target audience and in Mobile Stores / Market places (e.g. Apple app store, Google play store, Windows market place etc.)
  • iLink has a comprehensive marketing strategy that goes beyond methods such as displaying your mobile application on your website or integrating the mobile application with social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Mobility Expertise and Experience

Mobility solutions offered by iLink, cover all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 10, Blackberry and HTML5. iLink’s Mobility Expertise and Experience provide clients the ability to deliver operational efficiency and attain a competitive advantage.

iOS Applications

iLink has built iOS applications such as Employee Welfare Management applications for Automotive companies, Customer Access and Ordering applications for Communications companies, eCommerce applications, Applications that provides Dashboards for Sales Performance for organizations etc.


Android Applications

iLink has built Android applications such as Multifunctional Device (MFD) Management) Applications for Marketing Organizations, Patient Billing Applications for Healthcare IT (HIT) companies etc.

HTML 5 – Cross Platform Mobile Applications (Cross Platform Mobile Application Development)

Having expertise in Cross Platform Mobile Application Development , iLink has built HTML 5 Cross Platform Mobile applications such as VideoOnDemand (VOD), Live Streaming (with DVR capabilities) applications for Communications companies, ISPs, VOIP Providers, Govt. Organizations, ISVs etc.


Windows Phone and Windows 10

iLink has built Windows Phone and Windows 10 applications such as Patient engagement applications, Wellness applications, Patient Access systems, Physician Access systems, Patient Tracking systems for Healthcare organizations, Field intelligence applications with Predictive Modeling capabilities for Oil & Gas (O&G) organizations, eLearning applications, Applications that track Digital Marketing Campaigns with their own set of metrices, Client Relationship Management applications for Financial Services, Reporting Applications that track plant data and deliver reports directly to smart phones, Event listing and management applications, Customer Management Applications for Gas Companies, B2C applications for SMEs and Enterprises etc.

Windows Slate

iLink has built Windows Slate applications such as VideoOnDemand (VOD), Live Streaming (with DVR capabilities) applications for Broadcast Media Companies, Patient Management Systems for Healthcare providers and Hospitals.


Applications using Phone Gap

iLink has built applications using Phone Gap for Communications and Telecom companies that support their PMO (Project Management Office), Technician Installers applications for Broadcast Media etc.