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Office 365 SharePoint Migration |

Office 365 SharePoint Migration

Office 365 SharePoint Migration

SharePoint Online delivers a single, unified location in the cloud where your people can easily cooperate with team members to exchange ideas and expertise, build custom team and project sites and solutions, finding organizational resources, or information search. You can also invite external users to view, share, and collaborate using extranet site groups. In SharePoint Online service, Instead of deploying and managing SharePoint internally, SharePoint Online gives you a complete hosted SharePoint experience. You and your business users have anywhere access to the rich collaboration, information management and business intelligence capabilities of SharePoint.

iLink helps Organizations Migrate from earlier versions of Microsoft Office, Collaboration and Communication Products to Office 365 to enhance their Productivity and Collaboration in a dynamic fashion.

iLink specializes in Office 365 SharePoint migration and follows the approach mentioned below:

  • Determine storage needs
  • Determine URL Strategy
  • Define search requirements
  • Define Security requirements
  • Capture Category content-metadata
  • Design My Sites and user profiles
  • Plan Timeframe / window for migration

iLink’s Office 365 SharePoint Migration focuses on the following Migration Considerations

  • Assess current on-premises solution features to compare them against SharePoint Online capabilities
  • Consider degree of customization of existing on-premises SharePoint deployments
  • Consider Quantity of data to migrate with focus on bandwidth available to migration and capacity requirements of SharePoint Online

Based on the assessment, iLink recommends a suitable SharePoint Migration Strategy – Staged, Cutover, New-on-New and Organic. Typical deployment phases actions are assess, remediate, enable and migrate.

iLink follows the Microsoft provided list of best practices for Office 365 SharePoint Migration Success including Pilot Success and various templates for Migration.

iLink’s Office 365 SharePoint Migration Model relies on the following migration pillars for success

  • Pilot User availability
  • People with knowledge of Source and Target systems
  • Competence in terms of Development and Knowledge management Skills
  • Setting the correct expectation in terms of realistic timelines
  • Commitment provided by a Strong steering committee

iLink has customized its Office 365 based Inside-Out Framework to deliver a SharePoint Office 365 based Intranet for one of the largest and fastest growing electrical distributor that supplies a wide range of electrical equipment to Builders, Commercial and Electrical Contractors, Government, Industrial Marine, Institutions, Mining, OEMs, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals and many more. For more information on iLink’s Inside-Out Framework,

browse http://ilinkold.columbiacosheriff.com/frameworks/inside-out-framework/

iLink has developed employee training portals for various organizations / verticals, on SharePoint Office 365.  The application needs for these projects were captured through Discussions, Story Boards etc.

iLink’s delivered the following customer benefits

  • A Cross Functional Team that has helped them achieve the following through the application:
    • Readily customizable frameworks reduced the overall time to implement
    • Improved productivity and happier employees due to enhanced UX and intuitive workflows
    • Simplified tracking and reporting key metrics powered by Interactive reports and dashboards
  • A self-sufficient (Technologically and Role based) team that supports the customer in the entire project life cycle and goes hand-in-hand with them to achieve their milestones.
  • Knowledge Retention of the Application Architecture and Business Knowledge.  Hence we are a Development Partner who understands their Landscape and Roadmap for Future.
  • A team with Global Presence that can cater to various geographies in terms of Developing Applications.